Best Web Series You Must Watch on Amazon MiniTV For Free

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MiniTV Amazon offers two models of OTT one is paid and the other one totally free but you have to compromise with ads. Amazon Prime video is based on the subscription model whereas Amazon MiniTv is totally free of cost. Amazon MiniTV is free but the content is premium and you will love enjoying the web series on Amazon mini TV.

Best Web Series on Amazon MiniTv For All Time

1. Half CA

IMDB rating of Half Ca – 8.5/10

The web series shows the struggle of CA students and you will realize how tough and challenging the CA offers throughout your aspirant journey.

2. Highway Love

IMDB rating of Highway Love – 7.6/10

An unknown girl meets on the highway and falls in love with full of emotion and feelings. This is the rear love story of a couple who meets on the highway and they get to know each other within a short span of 4 months and they feel deep love for each other. The twist is also there, to find the real taste of love on the highway you need to watch the series.

3. Badtameez Dil

IMDB Rating of Badtameez Dil – 6.6/10

4. Physics Wallah

IMDB rating of Physics Wallah – 8.4/10

5. Ishq Express

IMDB rating of Ishq Express – 7.8/10

6. Crushed

IMDB rating of Crushed – 8.1/10

7. Please Find Attached

IMDB rating of Please Find Attached – 8.3/10

8. Aspirants

IMDB rating of Aspirants – 9.2

9. Adulting

IMDB Rating of Adulting – 7.6/10

10. Yeh Meri Family

IMDB rating of Yeh Meri Family – 9/10

11. TVF Pitchers

IMDB rating of TVF Pitchers – 9.1/10

12. Official Chukyagiri

IMDB rating of Official Chukyagiri – 7/10

13. Tripling

IMDB rating of Tripling – 8.5/10

14. Hip-hop India

IMDB rating of HIP-HOP INDIA – none

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