Jawan Review: Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupati Starrer a Hit or Flop? check out Audience Tweet

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Jawan Review: Jawan is the most anticipated film of the year, The film was directed by Atlee. The movie featured Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupati, Sanjay Dutt, and Deepika Padukone. This is the second movie of the year after Pathan, going for the blockbuster. Anirudh Ravichander, who is given music for the film that impressive and one of the noticeable things in the entire movie. Films are stuffed with popular star casts from Bollywood, Tollywood, and other film industries. We can not ignore Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Dutt’s outstanding performance as a cameo in the film.

Jawan Review, public reaction from twitter

The film story blends action, comedy, and emotions. This is full of entertainment from beginning to end. The Atlee direction was fabulous throughout the movie.

Jawan India Today Review – 3.5/5

Jawan NDTV Review – 3.5/5

IMDb Rating – 8.6/10

Straight Story of Jawan 2023

The story starts with Vikram Rathore who is an Indian army force, who got beaten and almost killed by an arms dealer or super gangster Kalee, a role played by Vijay Sethupathi, After killing Rathore, Kalee throws his body into the sea from the helicopter. His body reaches to some other place and people from that place take him and make him alive by using the traditional medication. There was a period when gangsters started killing men, women, and children brutally. Vikram Rathore got an awake call from the almighty and fought with gangsters and saved their village from them.

In another scene, you will see Jawan who is also playing the role of Shahrukh Khan, Now He is Azaad, He looks powerful with all his teammates, Azaad is a police officer who gives his service in women’s jail, He has his beautiful team from the jail itself, he earns the team from women jail, girl and women from the different background who got cheated and brutally tortured from the country’s system, gangster and politician. Azaad planned and executed one metro-hijacked, where he demanded a huge amount of money from the gangster Kalee indirectly by using politicians. Kalee’s daughter also was in the metro and this became the reason for Kalee to give all the amount without taking any pause, The amount that they got from Kalee they sent to all the farmers’ accounts was going through the crises of loans from the bank. Afterward, Azaad who gave his father’s name in the media went viral on media and grabbed all public attention for their fabulous work performed for the farmers. He became a hero for the nation.

Jawan Review, public reaction from twitter

On the other side Aishwarya (Nayanthara), who is a lady police inspector with a higher rank, along with her Sunil Grover is also seen with Aishwarya. However Aishwarya has one beautiful daughter and she is looking for a dad, and young and dashing Azaad accepted her mother as her wife But after a time Aishwarya recognized some of the girls from his team and she also understood the things getting back from the women’s jail, so she decided to go to jail by disguising her real face as a prisoner. Afterward, she comes to know everything about Azaad and his father Vikram Rathore. Now she has some feelings for him and his family, the teammate in the jail said how his mother “Deepika Padukone” fought for her husband, and when she was about to hang to die, she fell down on the ground and police came to know, she was pregnant and according to the rule, she has given another 5 years for her child. and when Azaad reached 5 years old, she was hanging to death. this was one of the emotional scenes where you can not control the tears to drop from your eye. Anyhow the story continues with the script and there is a time when Azaad seems to be injured and his father and his teammate come to save and they take along with them.

In the end, Aishwarya, her daughter, Azaad, Vikram Rathore, and the most dangerous criminal Kalee reach the jail, and the story of arms dealer Kalee’s life ends in the the jail.

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“Yeh batao tumhe chaiye kya?”
“Chaiye toh Alia Bhatt”

“Jab main Villain Banta hu na to koi hero saamne TIK nahi paata”

“Hum Jawan hain. Apni Jaan hazaar baar daav pe laa sakte hain, lekin sirf desh ke liye.”

“Bete ko haath lagane se pehle, baap se baat kar.” …This became super popular dialogue from the movie Jawan. this dialogue creates a sensation on social media due to the real event of his son.

Public Reaction to Jawan

Official Trailer: Jawan

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