Mad (2023) Telugu Movie Review: A Hilarious Journey through college life

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Film Bio:

Movie name: Mad (2023)

Release Date: 6 October 2023

Director: Kalyan Shankar

Cast: Narne Nithin, Sangeeth Shobhan, Ram Nithin, Gouri Priya, Ananthika, Gopikaa Udyan

Rating: 3.5/5

Mad (2023) Telugu Movie Review: A Hilarious Journey through college life

if you are looking for a roller coaster ride from your college life, you must watch MAD (2023). The storyline and character story are enough to polish your college time, The story of the Telugu movie “Mad” is full of enjoyment, laughter, friendship, and madness. This will make you remember and recall your college life.

Mad (2023) Story Plot

Mad (2023) is a Telugu film directed by Kalyan Shankar that takes you on a thrilling ride of college life. The plot follows three friends, Manoj (Ram Nitin), Damodar (fondly known as DD, played by Sangeet Shobhan), and Ashok (Narne Nitin), as they navigate through the highs and lows of campus life. They are joined by Laddu, another student at the Regional Institute of Engineering College, and together they form an unbreakable bond that leads to unforgettable adventures in friendship, love, and mischief. With crushes, comedic moments, and unexpected twists, “Mad” will take you down memory lane to your own college days and remind you of the madness that comes with them.

Mad (2023) Telugu Movie Review

From start to end, you will keep waiting for scene after scene where you can not control yourself to stop laughing, the star cast did a remarkable job while playing their character, and the direction used by the director Kalyan Shankar is outstanding, the movie’s plot justified by each and every cast and crew of the film. The music throughout the film plays a vital role in enhancing the screenplay. Narne Nithin, Sangeeth Shobhan, Ram Nithin, Gouri Priya, Ananthika, and Gopikaa Udyan are in pivotal roles and they justified their acting through their skillset. This is the story of college life and they totally fit into their character. for college students.

Mad (2023) Telugu Movie Public review and reaction

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