New Makeover of SRK’s ‘Mannat’ by Gauri Khan

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Mumbai News: Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat is a very famous home all over the country. New Makeover of SRK’s ‘Mannat’ by Gauri Khan. All stars have their own home but no one can match Mannat because of SRK’s stardom in the world. Even Salman’s Galaxy does have not such fame compared to “Mannat”. Mannat has lavish and luxurious stuffed inside. The current worth of Mannat is 200 crores.

New Makeover of SRK's 'Mannat'

In recent days, Mannat is under a makeover by Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan. His wife share some of the photos on social media where Mannat is under makeover and some more material is added and some modifications also have been made to the terrace side of the building.

Mannat is totally like a monument of the country. People across the country come to see the Mannat and they shoot their photos while standing in front of the Mannat board. Some people go there and enjoy the building view. On daily basis fans from around the world gather in front of Maannat for a glimpse.

Latest Photo of SRK’s Mannat

As we know Gauri Khan is one of the best-known designers in the country. She knows her expertise in designing and people also admire her design across the world. Gauri Khan share one of the photos on Instagram and along with home, she was also looking desirable in denim blue jeans and a jacket.

The interior and film producer possesses a near staircase in her well-known home called Mannat Which is also designed by herself. Gauri Khan also Quoted ” A home is a place we can truly be ourselves…. and How it is designed speaks Volumes.

Look More into Mannat from Bollywood Camera

Shahrukh Khan’s all heart resides in the ‘Villa Vienna’, which is the original name of Mannat since the shooting of the film Yes Boss 1997. According to various reports, After a long wait, Shahrukh Khan bought “Villa Vienna” in 2001 from “Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust”.

New Makeover of SRK's 'Mannat'

The dream home of SRK originally named was “Villa Vienna”. When he bought the named it “Jannat”. Later When all desire comes true and the career of Shahrukh Khan goes like anything at its peak and changed Jannat to Mannat in 2005. After all Sharukh Khan believes Mannat has given him everything including family, career, and healthy life to all of them. This is the way how “Villa Vienna” changed to Mannat.

Look around the terrace of Mannat

How beautifully Mannat is designed and the way it is designed it looks. Gauri Khan also keeps changing and doing new innovations in the house of Mannat. Take a look at the Terrace of greenery and simply designed with a full of natural look.

Eyeing the floor, tiles, and wall designed just it is amazing. It looks like a red carpet. Of course, there is a black carpet but it suits Shahrukh Khan’s personality. Here Shahrukh looks handsome in a black blazer and pants with a white shirt. Whereas Gauri Khan is in a red dress as she likes to be bold with color selection.

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