OMG 2 Starring Akshay Kumar REMOVES “Frontal Nudity,” “Condom Poster,” and 25 Other CBFC-Recommended Changes

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Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi’s upcoming film OMG 2 making a lot of buzz on social media. As for now, OMG 2 has been certified by CBFC after 27 changes made by the makers of the film. Makes the film change and deleted various scenes in the film, now the film has been certified Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and has film given a certificate.

A lot of changes were made by the CBFC, The aura of the lord shiv also get modified and changed for a reason. And also dialogue was added “Nand Mere Bhakt…Jo Agya Pranhu”, Deleted the visual of the Nanga Sadhu and Also deleted some nudity visuals from the film. Also posters in the fill where Mood X condoms were shown that billboards were also get deleted.

Additionally, it was disclosed in the paper that OMG 2 had changed the mention of Ling such that it is now only used when necessary as Shivling or Shiv rather than Ling alone. It also confirmed that the movie’s whole duration is  2 hours 36 minutes long.

Previously, the Censor Board ordered over 20 changes in the film OMG2 including changing the appearance of lord shiva, they wanted Akshay to become god messenger in the film. It is believed that the makers of the film were not happy to get this change in the film. The filmmakers don’t feel comfortable with these cutbacks since they think it will change the film’s core. They also object to receiving an “A” grade. After all, they believe that individuals of all ages should be exposed to the issue of sex education. According to Bollywood Hungama, The director Amit Rai and Akshay Kumar didn’t react to these claims.

This is the sequel to OMG which was released in 2010 starring Akshay Kumar in the lead role, And Paresh Rawal was also in the major parts of the film, But he not continued with OMG2. In this sequel Instead of Paresh, Pankaj Tripathi joined the new franchise of the sequel. yami Gautam plays a vital role in the movie. The movie revolves around sex education throughout the movie.

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