5 Sexiest Movies For All Time

Basic Instinct

Detective Nick had a strong feeling that Johnny Boz's girlfriend Catherine was the murderer when he first started looking into the case.

Killing Me Softly

A woman left her partner behind to travel passionately with a mysterious famous mountaineer because she was seeking new experiences.

Room in Rome

Two young women happened to meet paths while on vacation in Rome, and their bond was instantaneous and strong.

After the unimpressive publication of her book, a woman turned to escapism for comfort, causing strife in her marriage to a successful TV writer. Their commitment had to withstand a difficult test because they both had hidden desires about other people.

Bedroom Story

Original Sin

Another steamy film that you really must see. A woman devised a plan to marry a wealthy man in order to gain his trust and then steal his wealth as her lover stood by her side. But as the complex plot developed, something unexpected happened.