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Salman Khan Upcoming project Kick 2, The movie is confirmed by the director of tthe film Sajid Nadiadwala while talking with Pinkvilla. The movie features Salman khan and acqueline Fernandes in pivotal roles. The movie Kick 2 expected to releasei 2024. 

Prem Ki Shaadi

We all have goals, but keeping your attention only on the destination means you miss the journey. Instead of seeing your daily life as a means to an end, take a step back and identify the place you've already arrived. Gratefulness practices help you focus in on what's important.

Tiger Vs Pathaan

Bollywood Biggest Collaboration (Salman Khan and SRK), The movie "Tiger vs Pathaan" is most anticipated Hindi film, the movie is directed by Siddharth Anand. The movie estimated budget of the film is around 900 Cr.

Karan Johar’s produced untitled

Salman khan collaboration with Karan johar for his upcoming film, yet the title of the film not revealed, the movie will be directed by Vishnu Vardhan, the movie might release on Christmas 2024.  Fans are more excited now.  

Tiger 3

Tiger 3 created hype among all aged audience and the movie is schedule for release on 12 November 2023, the movie features Salman khan, katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi . The movie may earn more than 600 Cr life time at box office.